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Traditional Ballet

BL.T.rad. Our Radical Twist on Tradition.

The piano plays a funky tune, while softy serenading the body to move gracefully through each movement. Creating a fun environment to learn proper ballet technique and form.



Has it been a while since you last slipped on your dancing shoes? Are you totally new to this? Not to fear, that’s exactly why we offer Introductory (Level 1) classes! Even if you have extensive dance experience, this is usually the best place to start - so you can review technique basics, get reacquainted with the language, and build a solid foundation from which you can fly!


Level 2

This elementary level class is for adults who have completed at least two semesters of (Intro/1) BL ballet training and are ready to build on the foundation with an expanded movement vocabulary. Students must be comfortable with basic ballet terminology and steps.

Class prerequisite: 1-2 years of recent ballet training

Level 2/3

This elementary/intermediate class is for students who have a good understanding of ballet terminology and technique, and are ready to put more steps together and learn small combinations.

Class prerequisite: 3 years of recent ballet training

Level 3

This intermediate class is designed for those who have solid working knowledge of ballet technique and can process more complicated sequences. Ideal for those who wish to do a medium to fast paced class, and challenge themselves further with more elaborate steps and combinations.

Class prerequisite: 4 years of recent ballet training as an adult

Level 4

This advanced class is directed towards long-time enthusiasts.  It is required that you have a very strong background in ballet training in order to enjoy this fast paced and challenging class.

Class prerequisite: 5 years of recent ballet training as an adult, or for those who have danced at an intermediate/advanced level


 Ballet fit®

A ballet class created for that Rebellious Diva/o. Teaching you proper technique, balance & form. This class is inclusive to the learning of all things ballet while getting your sparkle on!  

Our Ballet Fit® and BL.T.rad classes both follow the same levels, programming and progression!

Only available at Ballet Lounge!

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BL Pre Pointe

With emphasis on correct alignment and ballet technique, we concentrate on strengthening those legs for days! Class focus will be on feet and ankle conditioning at the barre, in the centre and utilizing Thera-Bands. Soft ballet slippers are to be worn in this class. 

Class Prerequisite: BL Level 2 and up. * We recommend taking the technique class prior so you are properly warmed up and for injury prevention.

BL Pointe

Clients must be assessed by our BL Instructors and approved in order to participate. 

All exercises will focus on building strength in the ankles and feet at the barre. The decision of whether one is ready to go on pointe is determined by assessing the client’s strength and physical development.

* We encourage our Clients to take an BL adult ballet class prior to taking the pointe class for the safety of you and your body.


fitness classes


The BL Condition

This full-body workout is all about fitness for dance, combining traditional ballet moves with resistance exercises. Challenge yourself to ballet-inspired moves designed to strengthen, align, and centre so you can make leaps and bounds in your dance practice!


BL Ballet HIIT

This class is what happens when dancers drink rocket fuel. A high-octane fitness class for those with a time crunch… or those who just want to get it over with. To put it into Suzy’s words, “just when you think you’re about to die, it’s over.” Find your inner warrior!


Fun, flirty, FIT! Johanna is a total boss when it comes to loving life and she sure knows how to start a dance party! You can't not smile in this class - a truly liberating, sweaty experience that will challenge your coordination and stamina.

Bendy & Balanced Ballerina

Take your dancing to the next level with this stretch and core class. Get into those hips, spines and legs to support your posture and form. Move and groove to the music, ironing out the kinks and getting a bit of core work in, too! Total support for your dance progress.

Barre Star

Resistance training for the warrior dancer! Are you wanting to strengthen the muscles you use for dance, or just tone up? Hit those shoulders and glutes like never before with this dance-inspired class with Johanna. You’re a star - you deserve to feel like it!

Namaste Ballet

Breathe and flow in this 45-minute yoga class targeted specifically to get into those tight spots. Improve your flexibility and posture to strengthen your dance progress!



All levels welcome!



Natalie will have you feeling sublime in no time with this sexy, fun class that takes you through the basics of jazz. Explore the music in a whole new way and express yourself! You’ll be strutting down the street!

All levels welcome!



Loosen up and learn how to break ballet rules like a boss! Explore movement in a whole new way with impulse and freedom, and apply it in a short choreography combination!

All levels welcome!

BL Lyrical


A class that combines Ballet + Movement to Melodic Music. Lyrical dance is Poetry in Motion with each step flowing from one to the next. Our BL Lyrical embodies various aspects of Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary + Modern. The technique is that of Ballet abiding by the rules of Turnout + Body Alignment. Express yourself and release all tensions of the day.

All levels welcome!