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For as long as I can remember,

I have always wanted to be a ballerina.  Ballet was my first love and started dancing at a very young age. During my training, I started going to the gym to meet the high demands of my art.  I then fell in love with the fitness industry because, I learned that anyone could be fit and healthy regardless of their shape or size.

After I quit dance, I became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor because, I developed a strong desire to help others feel good about themselves. I wanted everyone to feel strong and beautiful regardless of their body shape or type.

Though out this time, I missed ballet and took a few classes at various studios.  I found that my experience was discouraging due to the fact that every studio was unfriendly and had a negative competitive energy.

I then realized that I wanted to create a positive, welcoming and supportive environment for adults to learn how to dance while getting a great workout. That is when I combined my love for dance, fitness and house music to create my signature class: Ballet Fit®.

After a few years, I had built my business to the point where I was teaching over 19 classes/week at 6 different locations and therefore it was time to open the Ballet Lounge!  I was able to combine my 20+ years of expertise with dance and fitness for a well-balanced and comprehensive program and I created the BL Curriculum and Teaching Method.  

Since then, we have helped thousands of people reach their dance dreams of preforming in their first dance recital, successfully completing their first ever RAD Ballet Exam to earning their first pair of pointe shoes!  The most amazing part about this journey is our amazing community full of like-minded individuals who just want to dance, get fit and have fun! I have met so many amazing people in which I would have never met otherwise, and that in itself is very special.

Through my experience, I understand that learning dance as an adult can be intimidating, but I can assure you that dance is for everyone and it’s not too late to learn - or step back into the studio! I want to improve your overall quality of life through dance! There is no workout like it and I want everyone to experience the overall joy that it brings.

We would love to talk to you more about your goals and how we can help you succeed on your dance journey - as well as making your dreams come true!



Suzy Kaitman
Owner & Founder