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We welcome all levels! At Ballet Lounge, it’s all about community, expression and freedom. Get ready to build confidence, make friends and have fun!




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$215 — month-to-month
$206 — 6 months
$189 — 12 months

$26 — single drop-in


We have membership options for every dancer! Contact our studio for all the fun options!



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Coming to a ballet class and trying it out doesn’t mean that you have to be the best in the class and have it all figured out. Progress is personal and it is a journey, and any journey or adventure starts with a single step. Come dance with us!

Mary B.

Jenna Pic.jpg

“Everyone can dance, you just need the right environment. Be open to corrections, they are there to help you improve. Trust yourself and accept life’s challenges, you will see that you can do anything!”

Jenna J.


Try it out, be open, and give it a little bit of time. It may take more effort in the beginning, but as soon as you see and feel your own progress, you will want to dance even more!

Katharina R.


“They are so friendly and have a high level of teaching

expertise. They pay attention to all the details, and they give us great corrections in order to improve.

Most importantly, they are so much fun to work with!!”

kazuko a.