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BE BOLD. Ballet Lounge is Vancouver’s leading Ballet for Fitness Dance Studio. We have fun learning how to dance while getting fit, building confidence and making friends!

• Our Studio allows you to indulge your inner ballerina/o by offering you ballet/dance technique + dance conditioning classes. These classes tone your body, improve your posture + increase your flexibility so that you can Sparkle!

• Ballet Lounge is the only studio in Vancouver that specializes in Adult Ballet. Our friendly and professional instructor’s break down all the steps, as well as offer hands on corrections so that you can start to see real results! We are more than just a studio, we are a family and our community is here to support you through your dance + fitness journey!

• We aspire to improve the overall quality of life through dance while making it fun and accessible to anyone regardless of age, shape or size!

• Founded in 2016 by Dancer and Fitness Specialist Suzy Kaitman. Ballet Lounge has helped thousands of Brave Ballerina/o’s enhance their lives through dance. Our Studio has won Westender’s GOLD Award for Best Dance Fitness Class in Vancouver, 2017 as well as Georgia Straights Runner up for Best Dance Studio in 2016, 2017 & 2018!



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Suzy Kaitman

As the Creator and Founder of the Ballet Lounge® I aspire to develop an atmosphere and space that makes each individual feel powerful, confident and beautiful. If you have heart and the desire to continuously improve, I believe you can master anything life offers.

I have extensive professional ballet training from the School of Alberta Ballet and the University of Calgary’s BA (Ballet) Dance Program. With my passion for movement, music and helping others to live a more active + healthy lifestyle, I decided to combine my loves of dance and fitness. Through this passion I created an innovative syllabus that developed into our signature class, Ballet Fit®. This ballet class is created for the Brave and Bold Individual - yes, that means you - teaching proper technique, balance and form. This class, as well as the Ballet Lounge® is inclusive to the learning of all things ballet/fitness while getting your sparkle on!

Certificates Include: Personal Training + Group Fitness Specialist// Pre + Post Natal Specialist

Fun Fact: Suzy recently won Top Fitness Instructor in Canada in Impact Magazine, and has been nominated for the Women of Influence for the RBC Canadian Entrepreneur Awards.

Natalie Neid

We are all Queens! I live to empower the mind, body and soul through conversation and movement. As an artist that specializes in more than just dance, I use the face as a canvas, converse through song and kick some ballet booty in dance + fitness. When you get in my class you don’t just sweat, you sparkle! I have been dancing professionally for over 25 years and my journey with dance has given me sufficient experience in many different genres of the trade. Dance has taken me all over Canada and America, allowing me to be trained by the top choreographers of our time. I am Group Fitness certified and love to create a class atmosphere like its the early 90’s electric circus dance floor. A class with high energy, rad music and that feeling you get after an amazing workout! Remember if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Laura Furtado

Laura is an international Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer & Presenter. She danced professionally for 15 years across North America and Europe, being certified in various styles and disciplines including ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, contemporary and musical theatre. She has instructed thousands of women and teachers in various forms over 20 years, with her specialty being sexy jazz. She has also produced dance shows/productions and ran a dance entertainment agency in Toronto for over 10 years before moving to Vancouver. She has a passion for dance, barre and Pilates and loves teaching and inspiring at the Ballet Lounge!

“Reach for the moon, even if you fall short you will end up in the stars”

Fun fact: Laura was Canada's Top Young Entrepreneur in 2010!

Johanna Ward

Johanna has been teaching dance-inspired exercise for over 20 years. She's crazy passionate about helping people discover the joy of movement and how to tap into their personal potential. It's about living your best life, on and off the dance-floor, and constantly working with the best version of yourself. As a kid Johanna would dance in front of the mirror for hours at a time, mostly to musicals and the soundtrack to Fame… seems not much has changed!

'Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.' - Jack Kerouac


Kathryn has been teaching at Ballet Lounge since its opening in 2016. She enjoys teaching Traditional Ballet, RAD Exam Syllabus and Contemporary to all the wonderful clients here at Ballet Lounge. Kathryn graduated from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada receiving a BFA in Contemporary Dance, and BBA in Marketing. After graduation in 2012, Kathryn danced professionally in Vancouver, Canada performing throughout the province in festivals and showcases such as Tremors Festival, A Dime a Dozen, 12 Minutes Max, Bloom, Project CPR, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies and Judith Garay’s company Dancers Dancing. Kathryn pursued her Ballet Teaching Certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance and graduated in 2015. Shortly after, Kathryn enrolled in the STOTT Pilates Instructor Training Program; she became certified in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels in 2016.

Fun fact: Kathryn started ballet classes with her best friend at the age of 5 and continued dancing together for 13 years at the same dance academy. She is now a ballet teacher at the same ballet studio she grew up dancing at.

Kayla Kyle-Moffat

Kayla started taking dance classes when she was 2 or 3! Ballet was first along with skating and gymnastics, then she started jazz, tap and competitive figure skating when she was 8. She continued dancing all through her youth and did lyrical/contemporary, Pilates, and musical theatre as she got older. Kayla started teaching fitness/conditioning at her skating camp when she was 16, then taught musical theatre to kids age 3-18 when she was in university. Throughout university, she continued performing in musicals and was the President of UBC Dance Team. She discovered her love for yoga in her 20s and did her Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. She continued her studies in Massage Therapy and is now an RMT - as you can see, she is continuously looking for ways to promote wellness and movement!

Fun fact: she is a mega-fan of Ru Paul’s drag race!

Nathaniel Gosselin

At 13 years old, Nate started taking hip-hop classes to cope with the drama of high school, which quickly grew into a burning interest for all things dance. Since then, dancing has led him to cruise ships and film sets alike. He is a total dance warrior with infectious energy and fabulous moves.

Mackenzie Anderson

Hello Dance Enthusiasts! I hail from Ottawa ON, and I specialize in making people smile! On top of that super power I have extensive training in Jazz, Tap, Modern, Acro, Hip-Hop and Ballet.

All this hard work and training led me to attain a membership in the Royal Academy of Dance. Having 12 years of experience in the performing arts industry as a Program Director, Choreographer, Costumes Assistant and Dance Instructor; I know I will be making you sweat, sparkle and smile in my classes in no time!

On top of everything I was able to create 2 successful dance programs back home and I intend to share this creativity with each and every individual who chaînés into my class.

Now enough about me, what about you? Are you ready to dance or what!?



What if I’ve never danced before?

This the perfect environment to learn how to dance because it is non-threatening. We teach you everything we know and we do everything with you! The best way to benefit is to sign up for the full session, at least 2x/week so you can learn and practice the steps!

How does it work?

Our classes cycle through an 4 month curriculum, but you can jump in anytime! The beautiful thing about the way our classes are set up is that you learn new techniques and moves each week, without needing to wait for a new dance season.

What is the difference between BL.T.rad and Ballet Fit®️?

The main difference between the two classes is that the Traditional is taught to piano music, and is classical ballet class that makes you feel like a real ballerina! Ballet Fit® is our signature class, taught to dance/house music - its an aerobic ballet class therefore you get a really great workout! We also do additional core and flexibility work in the Ballet Fit® class!

What should I wear? Do I need ballet slippers?

Wear anything that you feel comfortable moving in. Most participants wear either workout, yoga leggings and a top. If you want to rock a dance outfit - go for it! It is all about feeling good in what you are wearing! If you don't have ballet slippers, socks are a great alternative. Ballet slippers do really help with your dancing, and we sell them at the studio!

Are guys allowed to participate?

Of course! We have many male participants who really enjoy our classes!


Our Team

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